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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  March 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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for months. some for years. but the tide is slowly turning. employers are on a hiring spree adding 227,000 jobs in february. the unemployment rate stayed at 8.3% as workers who had given up hope started searching for jobs again. the positive trend could help president obama's reelection campaign. visiting a manufacturing plant in virginia, he said the economy is getting stronger. >> our job now is to keep this economic engine churning. we can't go back to the same policies that got us into this mess. >> wall street like the job numbers, too, when americans are working, they spend more money, which powers the economy. >> the number being positive on the surface, the market will take any positive data. >> hiring last month was broad based. for manufacturing to healthcare to food services. inside the job fair, employers are looking for candidates with
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a drive to succeed. >> looking someone in the eye and feeling what they are looking for. yes, they are going, pushing themselves further. >> nearly 13 million americans are still looking for work. but with february surge, the country has seen three of the strongest months of job growth since the end of the recession. >> with the job market getting stronger, investors are looking closely at europe and greece in particular as they moved forward with an economy that seems to be strengthening. on wall street, i'm allison, derek, back to you. >> thank you, allison. and federal reserve chair, ben bernanke described it as far from normal last week. and said continued improvement will require stronger demand for u.s. services. two briscoe virginia daycare workers are being held without bond after an infant in their care was found dead. 50-year-old yolanda larin and 42-year-old mirna mendez are charged with five counts of
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child endangerment. an autopsy revealed no signs of trauma. they say the charges stem from the number of children at that illegal home daycare. peggy fox has more from briscoe. >> late this afternoon, a prince william county employee walked up and taped a notice on the front door. it is a zoning violation notice for property owner, joan carlo barr row for operating a daycare without a permit. >> kids play on the swing set and on the trampoline. >> neighbors often saw children of this unlicensed daycare playing in the backyard unsupervised. >> there's a lot of kids in the backyard, but we didn't know so much. >> on thursday, an infant, teagan sample was found dead by one of her caretakers who called 911. >> medical crews arrived, began cpr on the child and was transported to a hospital where she was determined to be deceased. >> it's horrible. >> the day care watched 23
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children under the age of 4. the legal limit for a home day care is 12. >> now the 23 children there, there were five not including the victim that were under the age of 12 months. and basically the charges stem as of right now from that. >> the two adults running the day care have been charged with child endangerment. 50-year-old yolanda larin of manassas and 42-year-old mirna mendez of woodbridge. they are being held on $20,000 bond, but because they are apparently illegal immigrants, commonwealth attorney paul ebert says they have ice detainers and immigration services have been notified. >> according to commonwealth attorneys, the owner of this home who we're told is in peru may also face charges. in briscoe, peggy fox. >> case against those two daycare providers has been continued until may 16. police are awaiting autopsy results following the discovery of a newborn or fetus in
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southern maryland. a man called police in calvert county yesterday saying he found the remains of a baby inside the trunk of a vehicle parked outside a trailer home. a neighbor tells our scott broom the car had been parked in the same spot for a while and did not appear to be driven for many weeks. >> it was discovered that a still or newborn baby was located in the trunk of the vehicle that was being cleaned. the body is currently at the medical examiner's office and detectives are waiting for a preliminary autopsy report. >> the mother of the infants that three other children that are in protective custody. she is not facing charges. the results of the report may not be available until next month. fairfax county schools are backing down tonight in a fight over freedom of religion. they have agreed to give a senior at thomas jefferson high school her volunteer credits and reinstate her. the school adviser had said
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that the 17-year-old could not be counted as a community service credit. there's no honor that your community service at a church doesn't count. >> student will be credited with the service hours and she'll have her full membership reinstated. >> the lawyers from the alliance defense fund are still pushing for the fairfax schools to rewrite that official policy and make sure the student is requalified for up to 13,000 national honor society scholarship. a happy homecoming for the marine corps group. they're being welcomed following a seven month deployment in afghanistan. ken is live with the marines and their happy family members and kenny, have they been reunited yet? >> reporter: yes, they have. just a little bit ago, these marines walked through this door behind me. they were reunited.
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people who have been anxious to see them all day today after a seven month deployment. these are 35 marine reservists that we are talking about. they are from the affairs group and deployed for seven months in afghanistan. they have been out there building schools. they have been building clinics and roads and helping folks in that area. take a listen to how some of the loved ones, some of the family members describe this homecoming. >> i'm glad he's back. i really am. >> it feels -- it's hard to describe. it's like coming back from the moon. nothing compared to it. >> there's a couple marines with their families that are still around here. of course a lot of hugs. a lot of kissing going on out here today. one of the things interestingly enough that a lot of these marines told me is that the one thing they're looking forward to is a nice hot shower and a good square meal. of course, it is certainly well deserved. back to you. >> they have done some great work on behalf of a grateful
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nation, that's for sure. >> thank you, kenny. tonight at 7:00, frantic flights. an american airlines plane returned to the gate after a flight attendant starts screaming and ranting. hear what she said that led police to remove her from that plane. and the virginia lottery player makes plans to send her prize, an hour later, let's just say, she is getting no money at all. we'll explain it to you. >> we had a typical march day. temperatures in the 50s. the high was 67. that occurred after midnight. lows so far today, 46. probably have to change that before midnight. average is 54 and 36 and it's been 80 on this date back in 1964. we'll come back. we'll tell you when the winds die down and which winds will be better of the two weekend days. >> but first, the republican presidential hopeful set their sights on the south and midwest. we hit the campaign trail up next.
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now campaign 2012 and the race for president. the republican candidates are focused on upcoming contests in the south and midwest. kansas holds its caucus tomorrow, alabama and mississippi hold primaries on tuesday. newt gingrich spent the day in mississippi telling voters that if he's elected, he will work to bring down gas prices. accused president obama of not doing enough. >> i don't care how much money barack obama raises for his campaign. if every american drives up to a gas station and every american sees the obama price of gas, it's going to erase all of his advertising. >> a new poll shows gingrich leading the pack in mississippi, but rick santorum, mitt romney, and ron paul are making a play for the same voters. >> and we'll be back. today's jobs report shows the economy is get stronger. we'll tell you about that and tell you what it means in the race for the white house. that's tonight on the cbs
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six months ago, a massive sink hole threatened to swallow up two houses in stafford, virginia. it happened during a heavy rainstorm last september. as kristin fisher reports, the rain was not completely to blame. tonight, some say those homes should have never been built there in the first place. we love this home. >> michelle and daniel have been watching their landslide away. they are living in fredericksburg, but they come back once a week to check in on their condemned property. >> there's question whether or not the homes are at jeopardy of falling into the landslide. >> when i first came here, these stairs were still attached to the main home. now, take a look at them. it's amazing what will happen in six months. you can see that they literally been ripped out from their
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concrete foundation. >> two homes teetering on the brink. their insurance company have each conducted their own studies to figure out why. all three came to the same conclusion. the land itself had failed. in fact, it was never stable enough to support a home. >> in my personal opinion, i believe that the land developer who developed the land in the first place and who has ignored us is the one that is responsible. >> that developer is the george h.rucker realty. they refuse to talk. they won't talk to me and they are refusing to talk to the county. >> we have tried to reach the developer. when this first happened, we tried to have a meeting. the developer did not receive that. >> six months later, they still don't know what to do. it's not covered by insurance and a new proposal by the county estimates the repair could cost up to $700,000. almost double what the homes are worth. >> this is a home that we brought our first granddaughter
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home to. this is the home that had proms and homecoming pictures. this home has so many memories. >> in stafford, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> they are not pursuing a lawsuit. the county hopes to start repairing the property in late spring, but they are worried it will take much longer. an amazing story now of survival in new mexico about a woman and her very loyal pet. a woman who had been missing for nearly a month was discovered this week. search and rescue teams found 41-year-old margaret page barely alive in the national forest. she disappeared while hiking back in february. she survived by eating what little food she had. she was able to keep warm thanks to her thick blue sleeping bag. rescuers were taking her away, they noticed something else in that bag. it turns out her cat had remained at page's side for the entire ordeal. >> it was one week ago that
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deadly tornadoes ripped through the south and midwest. and henryville, indiana, was one of the towns hit hardest. local schools were destroyed by twisters and so school administrators came together last night to figure out how to get the kids back into classes. they decided to keep the students together by sending elementary schools to a large church. the older kids will attend a science center ten miles from home. >> it's kind of like bringing everybody back to normal or what is going to be the new normal. i think it's going to help everything and the situation. >> i think for tonight, they made the best decision they can. i know that a lot of kids are ready to get back to school. >> the idea of portable classrooms was dismissed because of expense. all the senior activities are still on schedule like the senior trips and of course the senior prom. a virginia woman is calling on the state lottery to pay up. juanita thought she was a winner. the lottery did text her the
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winning numbers and they matched her ticket exactly. so she was thinking of ways to spend her $2600 prize when she got another text an hour later. it was an apology. the wrong numbers were texted out by mistake. preston says she doesn't care. she's telling those lottery officials to pay up and do the right thing. >> pay me my $2600. i put my money in it. and they help myself. i think they need to honor. >> virginia lottery officials say this has never happened before. but preston is not getting the money. can you imagine? you have this high high and then this low low. >> the only good thing is, you know, it wasn't like $100 million. >> and she probably didn't spend any of that $2600 just yet. >> let's hope not. >> 67 today. that occurred after midnight.
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a deceiving day with temperatures in the 50s. quite frankly, a typical march day. let's have a live look outside our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. you're looking to the right. wisconsin avenue looking south. essentially the cameras looking southeast over the post office. now we're looking at temperatures downtown still in the 50s. but i'll tell you, it doesn't feel like that when you go outside. winds are north, northwest at 25 miles per hour. pressure rising 30.19 inches of mercury and the dew point is 21. so, when these winds calm down later tonight, temperatures are going to fall and in some cases, already falling fast to the north. 46 right now in gaithersburg. 49 in rockville and 49 in bethesda. again, still 54 downtown. 53 in springfield and looking at 52 in college park and 50. winds are still howling. you factor in the winds. you get windchills in the 30s. so treat tonight like a real
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winter's night. 24 in manassas and 32-mile per hour wind gust last hour at national and also up in hagerstown. they will calm down a bit after midnight. colder and then milder. much colder tonight. we're going to go from windy to breezy. sunny and chilly tomorrow, but thankfully no wind and breezy, but milder on sunday. much milder on sunday. clear, breezy, much colder tonight. a one to two blanket night. lows 28 to 34. winds will become northwest after midnight. upper 20s. gaithersburg, downtown in the low 30s. 30 in college park. looking at upper 20s in reston and fairfax and maybe 28 in leesburg and out toward manassas. tomorrow morning, pure sunshine, but cold. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. winds northwest at 10 and by afternoon, sunshine, but no wind. high temperatures only 46 to 50. winds will be light in the afternoon and all day. so, we'll break it down for you. 28 to 36 to start. 40s by noon and 46 to 51 by
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evening with pure sunshine. the next seven days. again, warm up on sunday. temperatures in the low 60s. and then after that, we're going to be flirting with 70 on monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday and friday of next week. maybe a couple showers here and there, but not a bad looking week. remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour as we return today light savings time and on my blog, i have an interesting story. sometimes it can be a life or death situation. >> it's a tease. all right. so, i don't know, i don't say his name because you already know what we're talking about. >> he's traveling. that's the good news. we're not talking about santa clause. the redskins sending out a memo to manning's peeps. we want to talk to you. but first, the nfl's most coveted free agent landing in tebow territory. at the quarter finals, not enough to take down carolina and mike green waiting to see if penalties are coming.
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next in sports.
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and now, 9sports with dave owen. the best sports in town. >> good friend of mine. omar runs a blog on maryland sports. how could terrell not be first team all acc? i agree. his 21 points per game far away the best in the league and left off in duke's austin rivers? i don't agree with that at all. mark probably believes he should be first half. guard him with oven mitts, please. he be on fire. all right, he had half of maryland points. second half, carolina trying to pull away. but 11 of 21 from the field. carolina too big, pulling away. kendall marshall with the 3. virginia probably not on the bubble. nc state is on the bubble. keep an eye on him.
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second half, cj williams apparently grand theft allowed in atlanta. makes the steal. the bench loving it. virginia rallied. chance to tie late. tony bennett now has to wait and sit it out to see if sunday is good for him. his cabs lose 67-64. all right, nfl coaches, gm's, players, fans all that have their watches set. it's certainly a tastier time than normal with the release of peyton manning by the colts. lining up to give their best sales pitch. so cue the music. here we go. i love this. the airplane is coming. check this out. where is manning today? well, he is in denver. check it out. here's the video. there's his jet just after he landed in the mile high city. he was on his way to speak with the organization. sources now reporting that the redskins have reached out to manning and they want to schedule a visit with him.
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so no timetable on that just yet, but the redskins do want to talk to him. here's the plane, topper. >> look at that. look at him smiling. >> no set schedule on when his next recruiting visit will be. manning wants to make a decision within the week. to hockey now, the team prepares for boston tomorrow night, but the league is checking out this hit last night. now green playing defense. we'll check it out in a second. came in second and the elbow gets up and you'll see that connolly, who was down for a bit and he was knocked out. he did come back. no penalty was called in the game, but stay tuned, there's a hearing to see if green is going to be penalized. baseball, steven is back on the hill tonight. struck out three, gave up two runs in his debut sunday. highlights of that, of course coming up tonight. meanwhile, an injury update. bryce harper will be out for a few days. he'll be okay, but we will see. should be back by the weekend. >> it's early. >> all right, but not too
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early to start your weekend. the cbs evening news is next. have a great one. bye bye.


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